We receive enquire from companies to
meet their hiring needs. The employer
has to provide full details about their
job description, number of employees,
wages, and other benefits.


After receiving pre-approval from the
DofE, will advertise to collect potential applicants. We will pre-screen the
candidate and conduct a pre-interview
based on the application.


We choose candidates who pass the
pre-screening for a final interview on a
specific day. The representative of the
employer will conduct the final interview.


Applicants are subjected to medical examinations at authorized hospitals. These measures are applied to provide health assurance for the candidates.


Successful candidates must complete
their orientation after receiving an employment visa from Embassy. We will
move to DoFE for the final approval of
the nominee.

Travel Arrangement

We continue with the candidate’s travel
arrangements by getting final approval.
Applicants are deployed from Nepal
after clearing all processes and service